Your event should be a special day !
A day you, your family and friends enjoy
let us help you make that happen.  We have twenty years 
experience in the special event rental service.  Whether it's
an anniversary, graduation , wedding or birthday we will 
have all the party equipment you need. 
Tables and chairs, are the usual starting place for most gatherings.  It's nice when everyone R.S.V.P.'S , but don't count on it.  A 10% no show of invited guests is still a good standard. 
 The 72 inch round table or the 8 ft. long table can seat up to 10 people.  For each 72 inch round table you will need an area of 10 ft. by 10 ft.  So for example, to comfortably seat 40 guests, measure an area of  20ft. by 20ft.  
Today's fold out chairs are designed with a lower cross bar between the rear legs so they will not sink into your grass.  The newer stile "bistro chairs", second from the left,  are very comfortable and can add a modern look.
A  48 inch
round  table
will easily
seat six
Linens are 
a great way
to dress up
an event.

Canopies & umbrella tables are a great way to beat the heat.  Installation of canopies is included in our price.  When measuring for a canopy, the area should be flat , level and free of any obstructions such as trees, plants, walls. or fences.
Canopies are a good alternative to renting a banquet hall. They will not only cost less but you have more time to decorate and your event can start and end whenever you decide. 
With the addition of a heater and lighting, your canopy can be  a very comfortable gathering place. 

So, with a little planning and our help you can host an event your guests will enjoy and remember for years to come.